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Perfect LPI 010-160 Dumps PDF Download

[Free Pdf] LPI 010-160 Dumps PDF

LPI Certification 010-160 Exam Practice Question

A directory contains the following files:

examdemoprogram 010-160 exam questions-q1

A. *.txt
B. a b
C. c.cav
D. a.txt
E. a. txt
F. txt
Correct Answer: E

Which of the following devices represents a hard disk partition?
A. /dev/ttyS0
B. /dev/sata0
C. /dev/part0
D. /dev/sda2
E. /dev/sda/p2
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following Linux Distributions is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
A. Raspbian
B. openSUSE
C. Debian
D. Ubuntu
E. CentOS
Correct Answer: E

Which of the following directories must be mounted with read and write access if it resides on its own dedicated file
A. /opt
B. /lib
C. /etc
D. /var
E. /usr
Correct Answer: D

Which statements about the directory /etc/skel are correct? (Choose two.)
A. The personal user settings of root are stored in this directory.
B. The files from the directory are copied to the home directory of the new user when starting the system.
C. The files from the directory are copied to the home directory of a new user when the account is created.
D. The directory contains a default set of configuration files used by the useradd command.
E. The directory contains the global settings for the Linux system.
Correct Answer: CD

A new server needs to be installed to host services for a period of several years. Throughout this time, the server should
receive important security updates from its Linux distribution.
Which of the following Linux distributions meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Ubuntu Linux LTS
B. Fedora Linux
C. Debian GNU/Linux Unstable
D. Ubuntu Linux non-LTS
E. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Correct Answer: AE

What is true about the owner of a file?
A. Each file is owned by exactly one user and one group.
B. The owner of a file always has full permissions when accessing the file.
C. The user owning a file must be a member of the file\\’s group.
D. When a user is deleted, all files owned by the user disappear.
E. The owner of a file cannot be changed once it is assigned to an owner.
Correct Answer: A

What information can be displayed by top?
A. Existing files, ordered by their size.
B. Running processes, ordered by CPU or RAM consumption.
C. User accounts, ordered by the number of logins.
D. User groups, ordered by the number of members.
E. User accounts, ordered by the number of files.
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following commands sorts the output of the command export-logs?
A. export-logs
B. export-logs > sort
C. export-logs and sort
D. export-logs | sort
E. export-logs sort
Correct Answer: D

Which one of the following statements concerning Linux passwords is true?
A. All passwords can be decrypted using the system administrator\\’s master password.
B. Passwords may never start with a non-letter.
C. Users cannot change their password once it has been set.
D. Passwords are only stored in hashed form.
E. Passwords may be at most six characters long.
Correct Answer: D

Which command adds the new user tux and creates the user\\’s home directory with default configuration files?
A. defaultuser tux
B. useradd -m tux
C. usercreate tux
D. useradd -o default tux
E. passwd -a tux
Correct Answer: B

FILL BLANK What command displays manual pages? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)
Correct Answer: man

A. It is the default shell of the root account.
B. It can only be used by the user root.
C. It runs a shell or command as another user.
D. It changes the name of the main administrator account.
E. It locks the root account in specific time frames.
Correct Answer: C


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