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Exam Code: 70-411
Exam Name: Administering Windows Server 2012
Q&As: 234

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70-411 dumps

Free Microsoft 70-411 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers: 

Which Decision rule type is best used to display nested “if” statements? (Choose One)
A. Map Value
B. When Condition
C. Decision Table
D. Decision Tree
70-411 exam Answer: D
What happens if none of the rows in a Decision Table evaluate to True? (Choose One)
A. The table does not return a result value
B. The table’s next-highest ancestor is evaluated
C. The table returns a default ‘otherwise’ value
D. The system cycles through the table again to check for errors
Answer: C
A requirement specification states that if a test score is between 91 and 100, assign the grade A; 81 – 90, assign a B; 71 – 80, assign a C. Which two rule types are appropriate for this requirement? (Choose Two)
A. Decision Table
B. Decision Tree
C. When Condition
D. Flow Action
70-411 dumps Answer: A, B
Which of the following rule types can be used to evaluate multiple property values and, as a result, return a text value defined in the rule? (Choose One)
A. Decision Tree
B. Constraints
C. When Condition
D. Validate
Answer: A
(True or False) Decision Table rules can be edited in Excel.
A. True
B. False
70-411 pdf Answer: A
(True or False) Two or more comparisons can be placed into a single cell in a Decision Table rule using multiple OR conditions.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Which rule type is not classified as a decision rule? (Choose One)
A. Decision Table
B. Decision Tree
C. Map Value
D. When
E. Declare Expressions
70-411 vce Answer: E
Which of the following is not associated with the Decision shape? (Choose One)
A. Decision table
B. Map value
C. When rule
D. Decision tree
Answer: C
(True or False) When PRPC evaluates a decision tree, if the entire tree is processed without returning a true result, the Otherwise value is returned.
A. True
B. False
70-411 exam Answer: A
(True or False) A When rule can be used to conditionally allow a user to perform an
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Select the answer that best describes how PRPC executes a decision tree. (Choose One)
A. PRPC evaluates the if portion of the array
B. PRPC continues until it reaches a Return statement
C. PRPC returns the Otherwise value if the entire tree is processed without encountering a Return statement
D. PRPC performs all of the above actions when evaluating a decision tree

70-411 dumps Answer: D
A When rule is referenced by which flow shape? (Choose One)
A. Decision
B. Fork
C. Connector
D. Assignment
Answer: C
A Decision shape in a flow can represent either a decision or a fork. Which of the following statements best describes the difference between a decision and a fork? (Choose One)
A. There is no difference; a decision and a fork are interchangeable
B. A decision requires an Else connector, but a fork does not
C. A fork references a Boolean expression; a decision does not
D. A decision references a rule; a fork does not
70-411 pdf Answer: D
Which standard harness rule is used to display the Take Action options available to the user responsible for processing the work object assignment? (Choose One)
A. Review
B. Perform
C. Confirm
D. Reopen
Answer: B
(True or False) When a Section rule is updated, all Harness rules using that Section rule must also be opened and saved.

A. True
B. False
70-411 vce Answer: B
A Property has been added into a Section rule. The input box for that Property should only be displayed when a clipboard Property is set to a particular value. On the Conditions tab of the Cell Properties panel, how should the Visible field be set? (Choose One)
A. If Not Blank
B. If Not Zero
C. Other Condition
D. Always
Answer: C
What are three rule types that can be identified by using the Rules Inspector? (Choose Three)
A. Property
B. Data Transform
C. Constraints
D. Section
E. Harness
70-411 exam Answer: A, D, E
The term Dynamic Select refers to . (Choose One)
A. the process used during Rule Resolution
B. a PRPC decision rule
C. a UI control that displays a drop-down list with dynamically-generated values
D. the process used to generate an end user’s RuleSet list
Answer: C

_________ is always the lowest risk for the buyer if the scope of work is not well defined.
A. Cost plus incentive fee
B. F’xed P|ice
C. Time and material
D. “‘s^ ‘s nc* ‘elated to price
70-411 dumps Correct Answer: A
Cost plus incentive fee is always the lowest risk for the buyer if the scope of work is not well defined. Fixed price and purchase order are the best choice for buyer when the item is well defined
How many communication channels will be required in a project in which 5 individual are participating?
A. 10
B. 12
C. 4
D. 5
Correct Answer: A
Acceptance of the product should be ________.
A. Formal
B. Consistent
C. Personal
D. Verbal
70-411 pdf Correct Answer: A
The acceptance should be formal.

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