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Exam Code: 70-775
Exam Name: Perform Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure HDInsight (beta)
Q&As: 102

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70-775 dumps

Free Microsoft 70-775 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers: 

What action would destroy all association links for an object in one operation?
A. DestroyLinkAction
B. DestroyObjectAction
C. ClearAssociationAction
D. ClearStructuralFeatureAction
E. RemoveStructuralFeatureAction
70-775 exam Answer: C
What is true when invoking a CreateObjectAction?
A. Behaviors can be executed.
B. The classifier cannot be abstract.
C. Initial expressions can be evaluated.
D. State machine transitions can be triggered.
E. The classifier cannot be an association class.
Answer: B
What is NOT a valid VariableAction?
A. SetVariableAction
B. ClearVariableAction
C. ReadVariableAction
D. AddVariableValueAction
E. RemoveVariableValueAction
70-775 dumps Answer: A
What does a circle with an X in it (as depicted in the exhibit) represent inside UML 2.0 activity

A. joins
B. forks
C. merges
D. decisions
E. initial nodes
F. flow final nodes
G. activity final nodes
Answer: F
What kind of element is a central buffer?
A. state
B. action
C. activity
D. behavior
E. object node
F. control node
70-775 pdf Answer: E
What kinds of arrows connect to central buffers?
A. object flows
B. control flows
C. dependencies
D. state transitions
E. message passing
F. unidirectional associations
Answer: A
What does an activity partition contain? (Choose two)
A. nodes
B. edges
C. states
D. classes
E. lifelines
F. messages
70-775 vce Answer: A, B
How many arrows can connect to a partition?
A. none
B. one
C. two
D. any number
Answer: A
In the exhibit, if the incoming arrow provides a value, how many of the outgoing arrows will be
given values?
A. none
B. one
C. two
D. three
70-775 exam Answer: D
In the exhibit, how many of the arrows must provide values for the outgoing arrow to be given a value?
A. none
B. one
C. two
D. three
Answer: D
In the exhibit, if the incoming arrows provide three control values, how many control values are
provided to the outgoing arrow?

A. none
B. one
C. two
D. three
70-775 dumps Answer: B
If a central buffer has one value and three outgoing arrows go to three actions, how many of the
actions will receive the value?
A. none
B. one
C. two
D. any number

Answer: B
What elements can have variables in activity diagrams?
A. actions
B. activities
C. partitions
D. structured nodes
E. structured edges
70-775 pdf Answer: D
What determines whether a clause executes?
A. guards
B. classes
C. behaviors
D. test nodes
E. parameters
Answer: D
In the exhibit, what is true about the diagram MOpt?

A. All traces of MOpt include message p.
B. All traces of MOpt include message q.
C. Receiving p will come before sending q.
D. No traces of MOpt include both messages p and q.
70-775 vce Answer: B
In the exhibit, what is true about Mpar?

A. Every trace contains all three messages.
B. Sending p must always precede sending q.
C. Receiving p must always precede receiving q.
D. There are legal traces that do not contain message q.
Answer: A
In the exhibit, what is true about Mstrict?

A. The whole Mstrict has only one legal trace.
B. Sending r precedes sending p in all legal traces.
C. Sending q precedes reception of r in all legal traces.
D. Within the strict combined fragment, sending a signal will immediately be followed by the
reception of that signal.
70-775 exam Answer: C
What does it mean when message m is ignored in a combined fragment?
A. If m happens, the system should abort.
B. Nothing happens within the fragment until m appears.
C. Message m appears only in illegal traces of the fragment.
D. One or more m messages may appear at any point within the fragment.
Answer: D
Assume !p denotes sending of p, ?p the reception of p. In the exhibit, what traces are valid?
(Choose three)

A. <!p, ?p, !q, ?q>
B. <!p, ?p, !r, !r, ?r, ?r, !q, ?q>
C. <!p, ?p, !r, ?r, !r, !q, ?r, ?q>
D. <!p, !r, ?p, ?r, !r, !q, ?r, ?q>
E. <!p, !r, ?p, ?r, !r, ?r, !r, ?r, !q, ?q>
F. <!p, !r, ?p, ?r, !r, ?r, !r, ?q, !r, ?q>
70-775 dumps Answer: A, B, E
In the exhibit, what are the valid traces for Cont1?

A. either two p messages or two q messages
B. either p followed by q or q followed by p
C. only a p message followed by a q message
D. any combination of two p messages and two q messages
Answer: B
What is the notation for gates?
A. circular disc at the interaction frame
B. point on the fragment frame with an optional name
C. small arrow either into or out from the fragment frame
D. small rectangle on the fragment frame with associated name
70-775 pdf Answer: B

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