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The latest CompTIA CV0-002 dump pdf by Google Drive

[latest pdf] CompTIA CV0-002 dump pdf https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gqf0woafqBZXRgL3EKVmFG9almDPiL2I/view?usp=sharing

CompTIA CV0-002 Online practice testing questions and answers (q1-q13)

Network statistics show that the 1Gbps switch port used for storage traffic is fully saturated. Which of the following
switch technologies can be used to provide twice the bandwidth?
B. Multipathing
C. Link aggregation
Correct Answer: C

An administrator is responsible for managing a private cloud that has servers that require a significant amount of RAM,
but does not have the resources to dedicate to the guests. Which of the following features should the administrator
configure on the hypervisor?
A. Resource pooled memory
B. Memory reservation
C. Dynamic memory
D. Static memory
Correct Answer: B

A company is building a new server cluster to host applications for external clients. The company wants to ensure high
availability and maximum throughput, and requests that the server administrators configure teamed interfaces on all
servers in the cluster. In this scenario, a teamed interface refers to:
A. link aggregation
B. elasticity on demand
C. a TCP offload engine
D. resource pooling
Correct Answer: A

A cloud administrator is adding several accounts for new development team interns. These interns will need access to
some, but not all, of the resources and will only be working over the summer. Which of the following user provisioning
techniques should be used?
A. Create a single account for the interns to share. Set the expiration date for the account to six months.
B. Create a role labeled “interns” with the appropriate permissions. Create a separate account with an expiration date
for each intern and add each intern to that role.
C. Create one template user account with the appropriate permissions and use it to clone the other accounts. Set an
expiration date for each account individually.
D. Create individual accounts for each intern, set the permissions and expiration date for each account, and link them to
a temporary guests user group.
Correct Answer: C

A company has an SLA of 15ms for storage latency.

cv0-002 exam questions-q5

Given the above metrics, which of the following is the MOST appropriate change to the environment?
A. Add computing nodes and data nodes on the storage side.
B. Add more storage shelves to the current array.
C. Enable compression on the storage side.
D. Enable deduplication on the storage side.
Correct Answer: C

A system administrator found that a user repeatedly violates acceptable use policies by consuming more disk space
than the user is authorized to consume. Which of the following tools should the administrator use to enforce the
acceptable use policy?
A. Quotas
B. Resource pools
C. LUN masking
D. Reservations
Correct Answer: A

A company is looking for a hardware feature with the least amount of downtime in terms of firmware upgrades. Which of
the following features BEST meet this requirement?
A. In-service upgrades
B. Rolling upgrades
C. Failover upgrades
D. User-mode upgrades
Correct Answer: B

After an administrator successfully migrated the last physical application server to a virtual environment, the help desk
reported slow performance. Which of the following should the administrator have done FIRST before migrating this
A. Apply operating system patches to the application server after the migration.
B. Contact the vendor to see if the application is supported in a virtual environment.
C. Take a backup of the application server after the migration.
D. Migrate the application server in a test environment and have users test it.
Correct Answer: B

A new contract requires software to be developed, tested, and implemented within a month. Which of the following
levels of service would allow rapid provisioning and deployment?
A. Cloud bursting
B. PaaS
C. CaaS
D. BPaaS
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is often a difficult process when working with internationally-based cloud providers?
A. Litigation hold
B. Data segregation
C. Network isolation
D. Multi-tenancy
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following techniques would be used to deliver SLA performance guarantees for a VM in a virtual
environment? (Select two.)
A. Licensing
B. Mirroring
C. Resource pooling
D. Memory ballooning
E. Reservations
Correct Answer: BC

Every quarter, technicians perform a UPS and generator test at the datacenter. During the test, the diesel generators
did not function correctly resulting in a datacenter black out. After the engineers restore power, they quickly turn on each
device and go home for the day. The next morning, clients start reporting they are not receiving email. After
investigation, the engineers find that not all VMs are online and it is determined that some VMs did not start up in a
correct sequence. Which of the following policies might need to be reviewed to help remediate the above scenario?
A. Monitoring policy
B. Change management policy
C. Service level agreement policy
D. Boot sequence policy
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is an access control type that requires a username and password along with a hardware token?
B. Single-factor
E. Multifactor
Correct Answer: E

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Which of the following early examples of cloud computing was used for software engineering purposes in the form of

web-based applications and required interoperability between different systems? 

A. Distributed Computing 

B. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) 

C. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) 

D. Desktop Virtualization 

Correct Answer: B 



Which of the following is a benefit of implementing cloud computing via the ITIL guideline? 

A. Increased costs 

B. Larger knowledge base 

C. Increased free hard drive space 

D. Improved service level 

Correct Answer: D 



Which of the following is the BEST environment in which to deploy into cloud? 

A. Production 

B. Development 

C. Quality Assurance 

D. Staging 

Correct Answer: D 

“Staging is where you deploy code before you deploy to production.” 

Reference: https://increment.com/development/center-stage-best-practices-for-staging-environments/ 



Privacy is the right of________ to selectively disclose information about _________ and restrict the further use of that

information by any party. 

A. companies, others 

B. companies, themselves 

C. individuals, others 

D. individuals, themselves 

Correct Answer: D 



A company uses an IaaS cloud deployment model with a third-party vendor. Which of the following does the company

fully control? (Choose two.) 

A. Operating systems 

B. Physical servers 

C. Service availability 

D. Physical security 

E. Storage 

Correct Answer: AE 



Elastic computing is important to businesses as it relates to which of the following cloud characteristics? 

A. Scalability 

B. Security 

C. Integrity 

D. Distribution 

Correct Answer: C 



In which of the following scenarios is cloud computing the LEAST advantages? 

A. An organization needs access to applications for a short period of time 

B. An organization needs access to physically secure highly sensitive data 

C. An organization needs to synchronize calendar functions on a rightly basis 

D. An organization deals with non-mission-critical applications 

Correct Answer: B 

Reference: https://www.levelcloud.net/why-levelcloud/cloud-education-center/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-cloud-computing/ 



A company recently implemented a cloud infrastructure. Now their customers are receiving unsolicited advertisements

form third-party vendors. Which of the following did the company neglect to consider before implementing the cloud? 

A. Privacy risks 

B. Local compliance policies 

C. Cost of the implementation 

D. Legal standards 

Correct Answer: A 



A company decides to reduce its IT labor force by hiring an external company to manage various aspects of IT

administration, such as software patch management, desktop virtualization, and remote network maintenance. The

company will still retain technicians for maintenance and storage administration. Which of the following services has this

company implemented? 

A. Outsourcing 

B. Virtualization 

C. PaaS 

D. IaaS 

Correct Answer: A 



Which of the following is an important factor for maintaining strategic flexibility? 

A. Return on investment 

B. Integrity 

C. Elasticity 

D. Vendor lock-in 

Correct Answer: D 



How can an organization successfully implement a PaaS strategy? 

A. Open up internal databases with Web service access. 

B. Take inventory of the application portfolio and select external suppliers 

C. Standardize on a limited set of virtual machines. 

D. Continuously execute performance analytics to monitor providers 

Correct Answer: A 



A company wants to implement an internal virtualized infrastructure to provide its employees with on demand storage

which will be accessible through a web interface over the public Internet. This is an example of which of the following? 

A. Public cloud 

B. Community cloud 

C. Hybrid cloud 

D. Private cloud 

Correct Answer: C 



Which of the following factors of service must be managed effectively by a SaaS provider in a cloud computing


A. Application access levels 

B. Client background checks 

C. Availability 

D. User acceptance 

Correct Answer: C

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