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Advanced Security Architecture for Account Managers (ASAAM): 700-265 Exam

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Which three features does an ASA 5506-X appliance with FirePOWER Services provide? (Choose three.)
A. reliable visibility
B. data loss prevention
D. next generation firewall
E. URL filtering
F. Talos
Correct Answer: ACD

Which option is the best example of how Cisco solution enable customer\\’s business?
A. faster threat identification
B. better ability to scale and alter your environment
C. best continuous analysis
D. only comprehensive policy enforcement tool
Correct Answer: C

How does the Cisco policy and access solution handle a changing user base in growing company?
A. Cisco delivers a flexible and scalable security solution framework that can adapt to changing customer needs
B. Cisco architecture offers the lowest TCO by providing product that integrate, which lowers the cost of IT setup,
management, and maintenance.
C. Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group integrates into all security solutions, which provides advanced
protection against new threats.
D. Cisco provides you the ability to monitor and restrict application usage. As applications become more complex, Cisco
provides the flexibility to control all or subsets of the application.
Correct Answer: A

Which three options must a customer look for when choosing a security solution provider? (Choose three.)
A. delivers better partner and customer support
B. offers more than just niche products
C. is committed to security
D. generates higher margins on each sale
E. provides solutions at the lowest cost
F. prioritizes one security solution above all else
G. creates new market opportunities
Correct Answer: ABC

Which component of NGFW and NGIPS provides a unified image that includes the Cisco ASA features and FirePOWER
A. Firepower Threat Defense
B. Meraki MX
C. Next GenerationlPS
D. Cloudlock
E. Advanced Malware Protection
Correct Answer: A

Which option describes how partners can help customers using their unique relationship with Cisco award-winning
resources and support?
A. Be the first to receive new innovations
B. Take advantage of incentives programs
C. Access 24-hour support around the word
D. Earn higher margins on each deal sold
Correct Answer: C

Which three options does Cisco provide to customers for complete protection againist current security threat? (choose
A. Threat-centric defense
B. Sporadic application analysis
C. Accelerated threat identification
D. Enhanced remediation
E. Accelerated threat identification
F. Manual security intelligence updates
Correct Answer: ACDE

Which three options are products and benefits of the mobile threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)
A. enforced device security policies with Meraki
B. CRD and Network Analytics
C. enhanced access and usage control with ISE
D. AnyConect
E. URL filtering
F. secure off-network connection with Stealthwatch
Correct Answer: BCD

Which component of Cisco Stealthwatch uses sophisticated security analytics to accelerate threat response time?
A. network control
B. investigation
C. threat protection
D. anomaly detection
E. granular visibility
Correct Answer: B

Which trait of Cisco security solutions addresses the worry that a customer\\’s security provider will leave the market or
reach end-of-life?
A. familiarity
B. functionality
C. robustness
D. cost
E. stability
Correct Answer: E

Which NGIPS appliance do you use if you customer is at the enterprise level and requires modular architecture that is
A. FirePOWER 2100 Series
B. ASA 7000 Series
C. FirePOWER 8000 Series
D. Cisco 4000 Series ISR
E. Cisco 800 Series ISR
Correct Answer: C

Why does Software Volume Purchasing streamline software strategy and asset management?
A. Many solutions are offered only on one platform.
B. Customers can choose a license platform bundle that meets their needs.
C. Flexible consumption models provide less value than a la carte.
D. Bundled solutions can be added on to new appliances.
Correct Answer: B

Which component of AMP provides the details that customers need to address problems after a breach is identified?
A. context awareness
B. file sandboxing
C. rapid remediation
D. continuous analysis
E. network control
Correct Answer: C

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