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Exam Code: 400-201
Exam Name: CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0
Updated: Aug 26, 2017
Q&As: 451

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Free Cisco 400-201 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers: 

Question No : 16  Refer to the exhibit.400-201 dumps

An engineer is troubleshooting CSC-PE and CSC-CE configurations and finds that there is
a missing communication between Layer 3 VPN customer sites that are connected to
customer carrier provider.
What is the cause of this issue?
A. The static route configured on CSC-PE1 is missing the vrf keyword on next-hop
B. The CSC-PE1 does require knowledge of the Layer 3 VPN customer prefixes in order to
allocate and exchange Layer 3 VPN labels with CSC-CE1.
C. A CSC design requires selective label allocation.
D. The CSC-PE1 device is not allocating labels for the CSC backbone carrier route
E. The CSC-PE1 and CSC-CE1 routers are not exchanging labeled IPv4 prefixes, which
results in LSP blackholing.
400-201 exam 
Answer: E

Question No : 17 In an end-to-end Layer 2 service, which technology provides the capability to detect, verify, isolate, and report faults across a provider network?
A. carrier detect
Answer: D

Question No : 18  Two routers that are running MPLS and LDP have multiple links that connect then to each other. An engineer wants to ensure that the label bindings are not flushed from the LIB if one of the links fails. Which configuration meets this requirement?
A. The mpls ip command on an MPLS TE tunnel.
B. The mpls idp sync command under router process configuration mode.
C. The mpls Idp autoconfig command.
D. The mpls Idp discovery targeted-hello accept command
400-201 dumps Answer: A

Question No : 19
Refer to the exhibit.
400-201 dumps
MPLS VPN service has been provisioned for a customer by using inter-AS MPLS
Option C. It is possible to redistribute ISP1 and ISP2 received loopback addresses into the
local IGP. How many labels are associated with packet forwarding between the ASBRs?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
Answer: C

Question No : 20 A service provider requires that the PE-CE link must be optimized by only compressing the
TCP header regards to business traffic policy. Neither voice traffic nor other traffic policies
must be compressed. Which solution meets these requirements?
A. enhanced RTP header compression
B. class-based TCP header compression
C. RTP header compression over satellite links
D. Header compression using IPHC profiles
400-201 pdf Answer: B

Question No : 21 Refer to the exhibit. The Service Provider does not have IPv6 support in the core, however
it does have MPLS support. Customer requires IPv6 connectivity in all sites including
Internet access. Without a requirement to create VRF, which method is preferred to support
IPv6 traffic between these sites?
400-201 dumps
C. L2TPv3
E. 6CE
F. 6PE
Answer: F

Question No : 22
What is the BGP synchronization rule?
A. BGP should not advertise a route until that route has been learned via an IGP.
B. Routing information received through an EBGP session is not forwarding to another
EBGP neighbor, only to IBGP neighbors.
C. BGP neighbor peering are established and synchronized using TCP.
D. BGP should not advertise a route when that route has been learned via an IGP
E. Routing information received through an IBGP session is not forwarding to another IBGP
neighbor, only to EBGP neighbors.
400-201 vce Answer: A

Question No : 23 Two OSPF neighborrouters are stuck in the EXSTART state. After a while, the
neighborship goes down. A network engineer is debugging the issue when both routers
show the OSPF log message “too many retransmissions.” What is the possible root cause?
A. OSPF area mismatch
B. OSPF hello-interval mismatch
C. interface MTU mismatch
D. interface network type mismatch
Answer: C

Question No : 24 A Service Provider wants to extend MPLS WAN endpoints in the cloud at the edge of a
customer network within the cloud. Which platform will meet this requirement?
A. Cisco NX-OS
B. Cisco CSR1000v
C. Cisco ISR Routers running IOS
D. Cisco CRS-1
E. Cisco ASR Routers running IOS-XR
400-201 exam Answer: B

Question No : 25 Due to recent acquisitions, a company’s MPLS infrastructure is growing very quickly.
Concerns arise about labeling each and every IP address on the service provider core
network. The IP address space is designed as per following:
Service provide ip address range is:• All loopback addresses use subnet mask
/32 range is used for loopback addresses
All other subnet masks used for links are /24 and /25
Which command would significantly reduce the label allocations without compromising LDP
A. ip prefix-list Llst1 deny 10.0.0./16 le 20 ge 25
mpls Idp label
allocate global prefix-list List1
B. access-list 1 permit mpls Idp neighbor labels accept 3
C. mpls Idp labelallocate global host-routes
D. mpls Idp password required for 10
access-list 10 permit 10 permit
access-list 10 permit
Answer: C

Question No : 26
A service provider engineering team must design a solution that supports end-to-end LSPs
for multiple IGP domains within different AS numbers. According to RFC 3108, which
solution achieves this goal?
A. LDP and BGP
B. BGP and send-label
E. mLDP4
400-201 dumps Answer: B

Question No : 27
In a virtualization concept, which is one of the characteristic of the HVR solution?
A. introduces significant contention of resources
B. implements shared control plane resources
C. implements dedicated chassis resources
D. implements dedicated data plane resources
Answer: D

Question No : 28
In MPLS-enabled network, which two improvements does EVPN provide compared to
traditional VPLS?
A. Use of LDP to allocate EVPN-related labels
B. Per flow load balancing
C. Optimized learning and flooding process
D. Leveraging of enhanced VFIs to provide greater scalability
E. No need for exchange of MAC reachability between PEs
F. Use of BGP as a control-plane protocol
400-201 pdf Answer: B,C

Question No : 29
A content provider uses ISP-A and ISP-B for internet transit service for the purpose of
redundancy and load balancing. The content provider has address range assigned to it.
Which two techniques achieve the load balancing and redundancy for inbound traffic?
(Choose Two)
A. Use ISP-A for outbound traffic and ISP-B for inbound traffic.
B. Aggregate all prefixes received from both ISPs into a less-specific prefix.
C. BGP MED attribut
D. Address range split into two more specific prefixes, then advertise one specific prefix per
E. BGP AS-prepend technique
F. BGP Local Preference attribute.
Answer: C,E

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